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About Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is not allowed on Google Adsense, Forums, and social networks like Quora and Reddit, among other places. So, you need a plagiarism checker to make sure that your content is original.

Plagiarism Checker is an online tool that uses database software to look for matches between your text and other texts. Even though there are a lot of online tools to check for plagiarism, most of them cost money or need to be installed. Also, they are not always correct.

With our tool, it's quick and easy to check your work.

You can search for up to 1000 words at a time.

How to use a tool to check for plagiarism?

To use Plagiarism Checker to look for plagiarism in your writing:

  • Select a file: (.docx/.txt), Put your URL in this box, Paste your article into the box (Ctrl + V).
  • Click the "Check for Plagiarism" button.